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Question: Can a woman screw up in bed???
Answer: Mon in house? Sterotype.

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Question: Ever reminisce about the start of your relationship?
Answer: Out of all the ones you've done, this one didn't show any upsides to dating an Indian girl. No fun, no passion, no excitement. just all hard work with no reward.

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Question: A question for lesbians?
Answer: The french girl wasn't french

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Question: How do i get a girl out of my head??!!!
Answer: The Russian guy is too cocky

I dont procure an showy daily life en route for support.

Question: Dose anyone else boyfriend do this?
Answer: My vote's for Scotland!

While other souls encompass exceptional wish, you should ceaselessly apparel keen on to facilitate those motivations are not within your highest pursuit.

Question: Has technology affected your relationships?
Answer: Their acting sucks a little. Can yoi do American

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Question: Height when fully grown?
Answer: Jebem vam mater dze Bosanski

Referral systems are later an extra superior way during administration of incentivize your current followers within directing of take home improvements en route for your sole foundation.

Question: Mixed Signals in New Relationship (?)
Answer: But damn shes hot

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Question: What is he playing at? Any insight please?!
Answer: The asian chic said if she has to pay for her half it's like hangin with a friend. welp unless you're having sex pay for your own shyt or don't expect anything other than dennys unless we're bf/gf. you act like a gf, you get treated like one. and you can't a least leave part of a tip?

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Question: Any good forward approaches?
Answer: If he was dating my sister , i wont be too happy first off fokin all , are you going to suck his dick or what?

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Question: Do guys like socially awkward girls?
Answer: How about dating a Japanese woman

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Question: Playing hard to get?
Answer: I don't know too much about turkish ppl. am hoping hat I can be frens with dem and i love their breakfast : and i hope turkish man like that too hehehehe

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Question: Does my best friend love me?!
Answer: I'm Quebecer (French Canadian and her attempt to speak French almost made me threw up. How the hell did they get it right!

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Question: What do you feel about tall girls?
Answer: Fuck me the dark skin fella from France omg his deep voice and french best combo !

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Question: Is he worth to give chance?
Answer: I'm Japanese, so I can relate to 80 of what he did lol

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Question: Can they go away!?
Answer: Nigerian men r liars

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Question: Would this make me a bad person?
Answer: Actually, all those superstitious are the same. An empty bottle on a table is also bad thing.

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